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Rev. John D. Current Sr.
Rev. John D. Current Sr.

Pastor of Hope United Methodist Church

Rev. John D. Current, AICP, is an ordained elder of the United Methodist Church and is in ministry in South San Francisco, CA. He is the Pastor of Hope United Methodist Church.

Rev. Current’s ministry is about attempting to incite behavioral change that leads our society to creating a better world. Simply stated, Rev. Current “Leads Individuals and Communities to Life,” the abundant life available through our living God.

As pastor of Hope UMC, Rev. Current is now leading his church community into a posture of “Defending God’s Creation.” In 2020, Hope UMC installed a new solar power system and has maintained an organic garden as a composting and gardening teaching center. Further plans include the installation of a battery back-up system to provide the surrounding community clean energy during times of grid failure, blackouts, and emergencies.

Rev. Current is a graduate of several advanced degree programs including holding a Master of Divinity degree from Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA. He is presently enrolled in the Sustainability and Behavioral Change Program at the University of California San Diego and is engaged in ongoing post-graduate study in environmental justice and resistance theology at Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, DC. Most notably, he is a student of love and nonviolence as exemplified in the lives of Mohandas Gandhi, Howard Thurman, and Martin Luther King Jr.

He is also a certified city planner (transportation and environmental) by the American Institute of Certified Planners. During many years as a planner, Rev. Current has been involved in planning and development projects which have required extensive environmental studies and community sensitivity.

Rev. Current is married to Rev. Staci Current, District Superintendent of the Bay District of the California-Nevada Annual Conference. He is also a father and grandfather.

"These are serious times for our communities and our planet. In this global village, we must not only proclaim our faith but seriously ask, "Who is our neighbor"? Once answered, we must respond to their need. We can best respond if we know who we are, have our own house in order, and are prepared for the journey."
Rev. John D. Current Sr.
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