Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Rev. John D. Current Sr.

Rev. John D. Current Sr. takes seriously John Wesley’s call “The world is my parish”! Pastor Current moves intentionally and boldly into our church community; preaching the word, training leaders, and urging all to find “Life, health, and happiness” through the love of Jesus Christ. His is a holistic ministry which prepares our members to venture beyond the walls of our local church in service to a broken world; bringing the blessing of “Hope” to all they touch.

"These are serious times for our communities and our planet. In this global village, we must not only proclaim our faith but seriously ask, "Who is our neighbor"? Once answered, we must respond to their need. We can best respond if we know who we are, have our own house in order, and are prepared for the journey."
Rev. John D. Current Sr.
Aleece Carson

Minister of Music

Saini Opeta

Leader - Samoan Language Ministry

Hey Eun Kim

Christian Education - Biblical Languages

Jefferson Saini

Assistant Music Director

Rocky Ieremia


Willie Eashman

Photo Historian