Hope United Methodist Church

South San Francisco, California

We are an open, loving, and affirming church to everyone regardless of age, race, sex, creed, national origin, or sexual orientation.

John D. Current on the Edmund Pettus Bridge- Selma, Alabama.
Those who fell on Bloody Sunday fell for the right to vote for everyone. God Provides.

Upcoming Events

⚖️August 1st-5th: Pastor Current on Freedom Tour in Alabama
✝️August 7th: Communion Sunday
📝August 10th : Buri Buri Elementary School reopens
📣August 27th-28th : Hope Homecoming & Leader- ship Development Weekend
🎒September 3rd : Back to School Sunday

“In these times of despair, everyone should participate in a church of their choice. Where else is truth being told, love being shared, and God’s light shining? We are fed so much negativity and falsehood by news networks, Facebook, social media, and politicians that everyone should support their church just so a little light might keep the world going.”
Rev. John D. Current

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